Welcome to IPR's Office of Career Services

It is our goal at The Institute of Production and Recording to help our graduating students achieve their goals in the media, entertainment and production industry. Whether a graduate is leaving school with the desire to find a position, internship or start off as an entrepreneur, our Career Services staff will provide professional, courteous and experienced guidance in helping him or her to become a part of the media industry.

IPR Students:

IPR’s Office of Career Services is available to assist students while they are attending IPR as well as when they graduate. For current students seeking assistance with employment opportunities while attending school, the Office of Career Services provides assistance in creating a resume, cover letter, and business card. Students can expect to find job opportunities in fields that include but are not limited to telemarketing, retail, restaurant work, customer service, etc. IPR’s Office of Career Services provides students with resources such as a list of job search engines and our Career Services website to help explore work options close to their home or the school.

IPR Graduates:

Career Service assistance is available to graduates at no extra charge. Upon graduation the office will continue to provide personalized service and to keep alumni informed of opportunities in the industry. The concern continues even after graduation, as periodically the Office of Career Services contacts graduates to ensure their continued success.


IPR’s Office of Career Services works continually to establish relationships with industry-related businesses to provide students with internship opportunities. These internships are offered to students who express interest and meet qualifying criteria during the last portion of their education at IPR.

While most internships are unpaid, they offer students invaluable working experience in the industry that will benefit the student as they finish their education at IPR and pursue their future goals.

Some internship opportunities may also provide students with the chance of receiving college credit towards completion of the elective requirements of their degree*. Students who successfully complete an internship for credit opportunity may receive up to six (6) credits towards completion of their elective requirements (credits awarded will be determined based upon the length and nature of the training opportunity). When taken for credit, students will receive a letter grade upon completion of the internship requirements, which will be posted on their official college transcript. Students will be billed at their current per-credit cost (listed on their enrollment agreement) for Technical or Music & Entertainment Business credits. In order to be eligible to apply to receive credit for an internship, students must have completed a minimum of 60 quarter credits in their current program and be in good academic standing.

In addition to the resources provided by the Office of Career Services, students are encouraged to seek out additional opportunities on their own; however, all internships for which a student wishes to receive college credit must be approved in advance by the Director of Career Services, Dean of Faculty and the appropriate Program Chair.*

*While we can guarantee equal access to educational opportunities for all students who maintain compliance with our academic standards, it is important to note that many of these opportunities are limited and selection of candidates is typically in the hands of the employer, rather than the school.