JOB TITLE:  Video Editor


MAJOR TV SHOW NOW IN PRODUCTION:  Driven TV with Pat and Nicole       

COMPENSATION:  A competitive salary and benefits package that is commensurate with experience and capabilities.  Bonuses are also available based on job performance and contingent of the company's performance.
JOB LOCATION:  Southeast Minnesota.  Closest major city is Rochester.

REPORTS TO:  Senior Media Manager

Driven Outdoors is a small, non-union, production company that produces award-winning outdoor television shows that appear on nationally distributed cable networks like Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel. We also have a growing on-line and social media component of our business.  We pride ourselves as being a top tier outdoor producer and have been recognized many times with the industry's highest awards for our efforts. 

We are looking for a talented, dedicated, dependable and experienced video editor to assemble recorded footage into a finished project that matches the producer's vision and is suitable for broadcast. The goal is bring sight and sound together in order to tell a cohesive, interesting, compelling and entertaining story.  This individual must be prepared to go the extra mile in order to attain the type of finished product that we are looking for.

Key Job Responsibilities and requirements:

1.  Editing a wide variety of content for use in network broadcast of our shows, social media,  Youtube and other on-line services.

  1.  The individual must have a understanding of client service needs (our sponsors) and a willingness to go the extra mile to serve their interests.   
  2. The individual must have a willing to adapt to our company culture, and providing creative ideas in a timely manner while being able to multi-task as required.
    4.  A key component to the creative process is collaboration.  It is key that this individual is able to collaborate effectively with a team as well as be a self-starter on solo projects
    5.  Ability to interact and communicate effectively with clients, and other key constituents including outfitters, the networks, and other employees of the company.
    6.  This individual must take pride and ownership in his/her work which includes being detail oriented and only delivering high quality video shows and production elements to our clients.
    7.  This individual must be organized and will maintaining media hard drives as well as various media management including cataloging footage, archiving footage, tagging media, etc.  These are the key assets that the company owns and this function is thus a key component of the day to day duties required.
    8.  The right candidate for this job will have the desire to continuously fine tune their skills and knowledge.   This means a willingness to stay on top of new industry trends and  techniques and to learn and implement new editing technologies and industry's best practices to maximize efficiency.
    9.  This Complete all other duties assigned by Senior Media Manager in a professional and timely manner.
    10.  A willingness and flexibility to travel. Travel is a requirement for this position. The job may require this individual to travel to filming locations both domestically and internationally.  We generally film at least 3 international episodes each year in locations like New Zealand, Canada, Africa and Europe.  We also travel domestically to remote parts of Alaska.  Company will cover all pre-approved, direct travel related costs.      

Required Qualifications: