full-time position with the Center for Teaching and Learning; 37.5 hours per week; Monday – FridayEnsure quality, clarity, and consistency of public health course materials and special projects asassigned.Under the direction of the Senior Audio Producer, work with Bloomberg facultyand other subject matter experts to record digital audio content for use in online courses andtrainings, and for other venues. Collaborate with team members and JHSPH faculty to develop graduatelevel educational content.Serve as an authority, provide expertise, and perform highly specialized work assignments in audioand multimedia production. Supervise preparation of audio recordings and assures editorialintegrity of content. Advise and direct faculty prior to recording sessions with variouscoaching strategies, practice sessions, and script review. Provide direction to faculty duringrecordings on matters of content, delivery, clarity and continuity.Research, conceptualize, define and communicate ideas and issues to administration and staff toprovide insight, recommend action, and pursue innovative solutions to problems related tomultimedia productions and facilities in which multimedia productions are created. Provide adviceand counsel, serving as a consultant to other staff members within the unit and campus within thearea of multimedia production.Assure professional quality production and efficient execution of projects by working with staffand faculty on coordination of pre and post production details with appropriate personnel. Preparedocumentation on each recorded lecture segment to allow technical writers, instructionaldesigners, medical illustrator, and web developers to create the best quality product efficiently.Exercise extensive knowledge and methodology of audio and multimedia production.Keep abreast of relevant legislation, rules, regulations, tools, procedures, technical specifications,and developments in audio and multimedia production. Advise CTL on proposed multimediapolicies and procedures based on judgment and expert knowledge.Pursue professional development activities to expand knowledge and skills. Attend events relatedto the audio/visual industry to stay well-informed of the latest technologies and techniques relatedto distance learning.Coordinate working relationships with peers and other appropriate university personnel to achievedefined goals and objectives. Foster a positive long-term client relationship by accuratelyassessing their needs and by delivering effective and creative solutions.Train faculty and/or staff on multimedia programs as needed.Edit raw, in-studio audio recordings to produce polished lecture presentations. Synchronizerecorded audio with PowerPoint presentations.Perform Other Duties As Required.Posted by StartWire