Full Time Job
Role Description
Support members of the sponsorship team, specifically in business development and client services. Assist clients in contract fulfillment by coordinating logo inclusion (and logo order) on various platforms including SXSW.com, SXSW onsite signage and banners, and various other SXSW marketing materials including Pocket Guides, and SXSWorld. Work closely with Sales Social Media Liaison on fulfilling all sponsor related social media content, web content, mark and logo usage approvals, and the coordination of sponsorship ads in various SXSW print and digital publications. Update tracking documents and perform various administrative duties on behalf of the sponsorship team. Works closely in conjunction with and taking direction from specified Sponsorship team leads.

Remote work is not available for this role. Approximate Seasonal Dates: Part Time (25 hours/week) October-December 2017 / Full Time (40 hours/week) January-March 2018.

Must be available the entire length of the event in March 2018.

Job Type

Required Skills

• Proficient in Google Docs, Google Drive 
• Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint proficient 
• HTML, Markdown, CSS 
• Filemaker Pro and Sugar CRM knowledge a plus but not required 

Desired Skills

• Positive attitude 
• Ability to take direction and see projects through based on that direction 
• Very strong multi-tasking skills required 
• High attention to detail a must 
• The ability to work under pressure 
• Strong communication skills required 
• Self-motivated individual that takes personal responsibility and pride in their work 

Required Duties
• Sponsor Deliverable Timeline – Review contract to create accurate and custom client timeline, update throughout the SXSW season as deadlines are met, update SXSW contact sheet as new team members join Sponsorship 
• Assist sponsorship team in prospect and lead tracking, update all relevant prospect documents 
• Coordinate with sponsorship clients to ensure all social media and web content assets are met in a timely and accurate manner
• Coordinating with Marketing Dept. to maintain sponsor social media scheduling/calendar 
• Working with Head of Messaging for sponsor blog language approval and scheduling to ensure SXSW editorial integrity 
• Composition and review of sponsor ''talking points'' into SXSW voice for blog posts 
• Composition of sponsor social media copies 
• Proofing, formatting, and submitting sponsor copy through various digital media platforms including WordPress and Hootsuite 
• Assisting with additional social media scheduling and or web content tasks where need onsite 
• Support for Sales social media and web content, as needed 
• Onsite Sponsorship Social Media to promote Special Events (as needed) 
• Track and manage sponsorship Amplification social media packages including boosted posts on Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Live, and YouTube 
• Coordinate with Tech and Marketing Depts. on sponsor logo placement and sponsor descriptions on SXSW.com, SXSW.com/sponsors, SXSW email promotions, social media channels such as YouTube, SXSW FM, television, radio, print and digital advertising publications 
• Oversee all Sponsorship related web pages and edit as needed 
• Submit all onsite sponsor events into the Filemaker Database to ensure they make all print and digital schedule listings
• Proof all print publications including SXSWorld, Guidebook, and Pocket Guide to ensure all sponsorship listings and logos are portrayed in an accurate manner. Review to ensure our contractual obligations are met 
• Oversee any sponsorship usage of SXSW logo and wordmark; work with Messaging team on usage approvals 
• Work with sponsors to create Sponsor Relevance pieces to be posted on SXSW.com 
• Update and maintain various sponsorship tracking docs including ''All Things Sponsorship'' prospects and contract status documents 
• Proposal and contract review to ensure business development agreements are thoroughly covered in contract 
• Work in client sponsorship impression value tracking 
• Prepare framework for sponsor recap presentation and work to ensure they are completed in timely manner 
• Assist in the creation of all Sponsor Marketing Materials including: SXSW Sponsorship Overview, Super Sponsorship Deck, Major Sponsorship Deck, What is SXSW?, and other high profile sponsorship marketing materials such as Outdoor Stage, Crossroads, and Urban Oasis 
• Assist with all Sponsorship Client relations, administrative tasks, and information management 
• Meeting and project agenda assistance 
• Unique project work as needed by team 
• Onsite credential coordination