What’s the advantage of doing an internship for credit over a plain internship?

Internships in general are wonderful. An internship for credit will, as the name says, give you college credit for your work. It will count as an elective class in your emphasis. You will also have the advantage of an IPR faculty supervisor to mentor you through the process. Internship for credit involve record keeping and assignments to help you make the most of your internship experience.

What standing do I need to have to do an internship for credit?

Students must have completed 60 credit hours of classes with a 2.0 minimum CGPA and 67% completion rate.

How do I decide how many credits?

30 hours of field work equals 1 credit hour. Students must sign up IN ADVANCE for 1-6 credits. At minimum, you must complete the number of field work hours for which you signed up to pass the class. For example 30 hours for 1 credit, 60 hours for 2 credits, etc. You will not receive additional credit for going over the contracted number of hours. Hours must be completed during the quarter for which you are receiving credit. Hours worked before the quarter starts and after quarter ends can not be counted toward credit.

How do I find a place to intern?

Career services has internship sites on file, or you can seek out your own.

What’s the timing on an internship for credit?

You will need to know your internship site and submit your approval form for an internship by 25 business days before the quarter you plan on interning. If it is approved you will be signed up for an internship “class” based on the number of credit hours you will complete. You must complete the internship hours during the normal schedule of the next quarter, in other words, between the first day of class and the last day of finals week.

If I find an internship am I guaranteed an Internship for Credit?

No. You must meet the eligibility requirements. The site must be approved by Career Services, and the internship duties must apply to IPR related skills and be approved by the Dean of Faculty. We want to make sure that IPR internships serve you well in your future career.

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